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WeightLossFatLoss.US was established as an adjunct to WhyIsAmericaSoFAT? to provide comprehensive information about weight loss and fat loss. The groundbreaking book Why Is America So FAT? was an eye opener to many people and helped create awareness that:
Do You Know The Reasons Why?
Why Is America So FAT? teaches people that they must UNDERSTAND ALL OF THE FACTORS THAT CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN AND PREVENT WEIGHT LOSS in order to successfully lose weight and live healthy. This website, WeightLossFatLoss.US, is therefore the only place where you can find complete information on weight loss. On this website you will find plenty of information on traditional methods of weight loss like dieting and exercise programs. BUT, on this website, and ONLY ON THIS WEBSITE will you also find information relating to the corruption and deceit in the health care system and the government that you must understand if you are ever going to successfully lose weight and live a long and healthy life.

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  • The best diets for losing weight Learn more about the best diets for losing weight
  • How to exercise for weight loss Learn more about how to exercise for weight loss

    Information on Weight Loss Supplements that Work
  • Products that make losing weight faster and easier Learn more about popular products that make losing weight faster and easier
  • Greatest weight loss products "They" don't want you usingLearn more about the greatest weight loss products THEY don't want you to use

    Other Critical Factors about Weight Loss "They" don't want you to know about because if you know YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT!
  • Why the Health Care Industry wants you fat! Learn more about why the Health Care Industry wants you fat!
  • How greed and politics affects your ability to lose weight Learn more about how politics effects your ability to lose weight
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    Why Is America So FAT?

    5 Key Steps for Weight Loss that Always Work! Click Here!

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    By utilizing the information you find on this website you will not only achieve your weight loss goals but you will do so much easier and faster than you ever thought possible. Weight loss is no different than any other problem in life and you must fully understand all of the factors related to losing weight to be successful. Here's to your weight loss success!!

    "You Will Know the Truth(about Weight Loss)
    And the Truth Will Set You Free!(from the health care system)"

    "THEY" Want YOU FAT!
    Lose Weight!   Live Healthy!   Live FREE!

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