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WAKE UP AMERICA! Big Business and Government want you FAT?

Welcome to the page that distinguishes WeightLossFatLoss.US from every other site on the Internet about weight loss. Most people never seem to stop and think the maybe someone somewhere actually wants them to be overweight so that they can profit from their overweight condition. If the headline above is shocking to you then chances are you are one of these people and you will never successfully lose weight and be healthy until you become aware of the greatest factors affecting your weight loss success: GREED and CORRUPTION.

When Ben D. Kennedy first released his book Why Is America So FAT? it was an eye opener to many people and created awareness that diet and exercise alone may not be enough to help most people lose weight. The fraud and corruption in the health care system and the FDA that Ben exposed really show how profits are the most important thing to big business and guess which health problem is ultimately responsible for creating most of the profits. That's right, being overweight and the resulting health conditions from being overweight create most of the profits. If you have not already read Why Is America So FAT? and would like to know more then now may be a good time for your to obtain a copy from your library or purchase a copy by clicking the cover below:

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Google Books Preview for Why Is America So FAT?

Some of the issues discussed in Why Is America So FAT? are ones that you must understand if you are ever going to successfully lose weight. For instance:

Did you know that most prescription medications will cause you to gain weight!

Most people have no idea that one of the listed side effects on just about every best selling prescription medication is actually WEIGHT GAIN. And for some of the medications the weight gain that has been documented is massive, as in over 100 pounds. Yes indeed, the same medication your Doctor convinced you that you needed to take to improve your health may actually be destroying your health by making you fat. If you are taking one of these drugs then you can improve your diet and exercise all you want but you will never lose any weight.

Do you know the Greatest Type of Weight Loss Product EVER that THEY are desperate to keep you from using? THERMOGENIC which means "Burn Fat"

Unfortunately the greedy people running the health care system and the pharmaceutical companies do know and THEY have done everything they could to discredit and ban the king of all Thermogenic products which were the Ephedra weight loss products. Why Is America So FAT? brilliantly documents exactly who was behind the Ephedra smear campaign by showing how the same people protected their own products that contain Ephedra and only wanted to eliminate non-prescription Ephedra weight loss products from the marketplace. Simple put, THEY are the Big Businesses in the health care industry and THEY have no desire for the average person to lose weight and be healthy because that would destroy their profits. What may be the greatest testimony to how well Thermogenic weight loss products work is the extent to which THEY have gone to get you to stop using such products. For more about this you can read the article below written by Ben Kennedy before he wrote Why Is America So FAT?
Weight Loss & The Ephedra Debate: Do You Know the Truth?

To learn the "Truth" about how effective and how safe these products really are visit our
Weight Loss Truth page.

You can also learn more about the true motivations of Big Pharma and the FDA by reading what Dr. Betty Martini said in her articles: The Ephedra Story and Ephedra Ban Reversed

If you are ever going to successfully lose weight and live healthy then you better declare your own Declaration of Independence from the Health Care System.

The document above is from another article by Ben Kennedy encouraging people to take control of their own bodies. To read the entire article go to Declaration of Independence from the Health Care System

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