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The importance of exercise for weight loss can not be understated so the question becomes not if but how and there seems to be a lot of confusion about the best kind of exercise for weight loss. As with diet, each person is going to have to determine what is best for their individual needs but, unlike with diet, there is one type of exercise that is superior for losing body fat and that is weight lifting. Regardless of whether you also do aerobic training it is essential that you incorporate some type of weight training into your exercise program. The reason that weight training is superior to all other forms of exercises for weight loss is because it causes you to burn calories not only while you are exercising but all the time because of the way it uniquely speeds up your metabolism.

WeightLossFatLoss.US pages that will help you learn about proper exercise for weight loss.

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Weightlifting for Weight Loss discusses the high effectiveness of lifting weights for weight loss.

Basics of Training article that explains some of the basic principles involved in exercising and weight training.

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