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Weight Lifting is the Best Type of Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercising with weights will help you with weight loss more than any other type of exercise because it helps you in two important ways to burn more calories and fat. The first has to do with the intensity of the exercise which translates into the amount of calories you burn while performing a exercise. Weight training is one of the most intense ways to exercise and requires around 12 calories per minute for the average person. Compare this to only 4 calories per minute for walking and you can see that you will burn triple the amount of calories by exercising with weights instead of walking so the you will burn more calories faster by lifting weights. The second way that weight lifting will help you to burn more calories is what really makes this type of exercise superior to every other type of exercise because weight lifting will stimulate muscle growth which leads to an increase in metabolism. By increasing your metabolism you ultimately end up burning more calories and more fat all the time. Exercises that do not help you to build muscle do not have this effect so the only help you will receive from them for weight loss is the amount of calories you burn from performing the exercise which is all ready much lower than for weight lifting. Add in the additional and greater effect you achieve for burning calories by increasing your metabolism all the time and weight lifting is really a no brainer for anyone wanting to lose weight.

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