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Variation in Your Diet and Exercise Program Will Lead to Greater Success

One principle of exercise science that is usually found to be lacking in most people’s diet and exercise programs for weight loss is what is known as the principle of variation. Simple put you need to change what you do in your diet and or exercise programs from time to time in order to achieve the best results. In terms of diet , you should not force yourself to eat the same foods all the time simple because they are low fat and low calorie because you will eventually tire of eating the same foods. Instead seek out a variety of foods that are healthy to eat that you like and you will never even notice that you are on diet for weight loss in the first place. In terms of exercise, variation is even more important because your body has a need for change in order to force new adaptations to the stress of exercise. The reason you exercise in the first place is provide you body with a new type of stress to cause positive changes. Unfortunately your body quickly becomes used to the same type of stress and resulting gains are minimized. Exercise science researches discovered that the way to keep making progressive gains is to employ variation into your exercise routine. There are various ways to implement variation into your workouts and some can be very sophisticated but for the average person the best approach is to change something about your workout ever month or so. You can vary the repetitions from say 8-10 to 12-15 after a month and then go back to the original rep scheme the next month and you will notice how much harder it is when you first change which is the shock that your body needs to produce new gains. Another simple way to give your training variation is to use different exercises for the same muscle like bench pressing with a bar for one workout and using dumbbells for another. When it comes to your body change is good so utilize variation to get the most out of your dieting and exercising when you are trying to lose weight.

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