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Reduce Stress Levels that Adversely Affect Weight Loss by using St. Johnís Wort

Chronic stress can have a major negative impact upon weight loss but a simple and effective solution is to supplement your diet with the herb St. Johnís Wort. 1 The demands of the modern lifestyle mean that it is virtually impossible to avoid the stress from daily life and chronic stress has been shown to contribute to weight gain by adversely affecting the normal function of the body in a variety of ways. One way that stress most certainly causes weight gain is by contributing to overeating which is a common problem for many people. While it is almost impossible to completely eliminate the daily stress of life there are ways that you can help your body to better cope with the stress and St. Johnís Wort is a good choice. St. Johnís Wort is a natural dietary supplement that has been shown in research to be a very effective in helping with depression by increasing serotonin levels in the brain.2 St. Johnís Wort has also been shown in research to specifically prevent overeating due to stress. 3 If you have been feeling a little stressed out from trying to lose weight or from just life in general then you might consider adding St. Johnís Wort to the list of supplements you take to help you lose weight. While a supplement like St. Johnís Wort will not directly help you to lose weight in the same way that a thermogenic type supplement that burns fat will it may just help you in the way that you need most if you are having trouble handling all the stress of life.

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