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Weight Loss Tip -
Don't Believe Negative Propaganda from Health Care Industry about Natural Supplements

Do you really need to be told that the primary motivation of big health care companies is money and that anything that interferes with their profits is something they will attack. Obesity is the big "Cash Cow" that drives the great profits produced in health care businesses today and health problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis are just a few examples of the many health problems that are caused primarily by people being overweight. A great example of how the health care industry operates to eliminate any product that really helps people to lose weight can be seen in the way they went after Ephedra weight loss products. The natural ingredients in these types of weight loss products had been used successfully and safely for thousands of years by people for a variety of health problems but because they were so effective at helping people to lose weight they were viciously attacked and then banned by the FDA, a ban that was ultimately overturned in Federal Court. (For a thorough understanding of the whole fraud perpetrated against the American People with the Ephedra ban read the book Why Is America so FAT?) The real lesson to be learned from the whole Ephedra fraud is that the health care industry will not allow anything to jeopardize profits and they view any natural product that helps people to stay healthy and avoid having to use their products and services as a huge threat and will use their friends in the media and the government to discredit and ban such products. Learn this lesson and learn the truth because, obviously, such weight loss products must work extremely well otherwise they would not have posed such a threat to the profits of the health care industry. Donít let them stop you from using a natural weight loss product to lose weight and be healthy because that is exactly what they want.

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