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Do Not Expect to get Any Real Help in Losing Weight from the Health Care System

All the advertisements that you see today for health care brag about how great the health care is and how advanced the latest treatments are and yet there are actually more overweight people today than at any other time in history of the world. With over 70% of the American population now considered overweight there is just no way that anyone can realistically argue that the modern health care system is doing anything positive to help people to lose weight. The ultimate reason is because the health care system is about profits and not about curing anyone and the health problems caused by people being overweight are some of the most profitable that exist. Health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, depression, etc, account for literally billions and billions of dollars in profits to the big health care companies each and every year. And the primary stated goal of these public companies is to provide a profit for their shareholders so anyone that thinks that these companies are going to do anything to jeopardize these great profits caused by so many people being overweight needs to wake up. Helping people to actually lose weight and be healthy would drastically reduce the profits of these health care companies which is something that they will never willing do regardless of how much their corporate leaders may say different. Anyone desiring to lose weight better understand this harsh reality of today’s modern health care system otherwise you will waste your time and money looking for help in absolutely the wrong place.

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