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Whenever your body has a need for either energy or an essential nutrient then you will be hungry. Unfortunately the food supply today most commonly consumed is loaded with calories while very low in nutrients. The reason so many people are hungry constantly despite consuming large amounts of food is because the food they eat is so low in the nutrients required by their bodies that they are never able to completely meet their body’s demand and quench their appetite. People eat and eat this kind of food loading more and more calories into their bodies while never actually meeting the nutrient needs of their bodies. Is it any wonder that so many people are overweight with such a diet that overfills you with nothing but empty calories. The solution is to eat quality food that is what is called "nutrient dense" so that your body obtains what it needs and your appetite is quenched. Even though steak is high in fat it is still a good choice because it is nutrient dense and will help to satisfy your appetite. On the other hand, fast food, even the ones claiming to be healthy because they have less fat, is low quality food and has little nutritional value which is why you are hungry again so soon after you eat a fast food meal. Start eating quality food and you will notice how you are not eating as much or as often. A way to cheat a little bit if you are not able to eat a perfect diet, as few people are able to do in the real world, is to supplement your diet with a good multi-vitamin and mineral formula.

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