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Fat Burners are Excellent to Use When You Need Help but Want to Avoid Stimulants

It is no wonder that people are confused about how and when to use different weight loss supplements because even the names can be confusing at times. For whatever reason products that are known as Fat Burners usually do not contain any actual thermogenic ingredients that directly burn fat. The fat burner type products instead contain ingredients like L-Carnitine to help your body to better use fat as an energy source which is more of an indirect way to burn fat. In research studies athletes who supplemented with Carnitine burned a much higher percentage of fat for fuel.1 Fat Burner products are therefore very useful for weight loss and one big advantage is that you can use them when you need a little help but do not want to use a thermogenic type product that contains stimulants. Because they do not contain stimulants you can use a Fat Burner supplement later in the day without fear that it will keep you awake all night long. Fat Burner supplements also work well for people that are overly sensitive to stimulants and become “hyper” or “jittery” whenever they use thermogenic weight loss supplements containing ingredients like MaHuang or Caffeine. The key to getting the most out of Fat Burner type products is to use them when your body is going to be burning more calories like during an exercise session because the key ingredients in these types of products will help your body to burn more fat for energy than you would normally. Fat Burners can be very useful for weight loss when you use them the correct way so give them a try any time you want to burn more fat but do not want to use stimulants.

1Gorostiaga EM, et al. "Decrease in respiratory quotient during exercise following L-carnitine supplementation." Int J Sports Med.. 1989 Jun;10(3):169-74.

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