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Weight Loss Tip -
Use a Fat Blocker Type Supplement with Chitosan to Cheat a Little

Increasing dietary fiber is a great way to help weight loss but did you know that there are types of fiber that actually bind to fat to block the absorption of fat by your body. Chitosan has been shown in research to inhibit the absorption of dietary fat in the intestines and have an anti-obesity effect.1 Chitosan has even attracted the attention of TV medical expert Dr. Oz who has recommended it as a dietary supplement for weight loss saying: "Chitosan helps block fat absorption, so itís great for that cheat day. Take 1000 mg with a full glass of water thirty minutes before consuming a high fat meal." Dr. Oz is right on target with his recommendation as Chitosan is excellent to use when you need to "cheat" a little bit and eat a meal with more fat than you normally would. There are many Chitosan supplements available and the better "Fat Blocke" types contain Chitosan along with other fiber like Psyllium or Oat Bran which will further aid weight loss because of the overall beneficial effects of ingesting more fiber. Try taking a Fat Blocker supplement to block the fat in your meals the next time you need to cheat a little bit and eat more fat than you should and see if it does not make losing weight easier.

1Han LK.,et al. "Reduction in fat storage during chitin-chitosan treatment in mice fed a high-fat diet." Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 1999 Feb;23(2):174-9.

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