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Weight Loss Tip -
Eat Carbohydrates Early in the Day to Aid Weight Loss

It is much more important as to when you eat carbohydrates than whether or not you eat them and this tip further demonstrates the importance of meal composition and timing for weight loss. Many people trying to lose weight try to eliminate carbohydrates completely, which is the big teaching of the Atkins or Low Carb diet, but this is a mistake that leads to less energy for workouts and for life in general. Carbohydrates are essential to your bodyís ability to produce energy so the proper approach is to eat carbs early in the day so that you will burn them for fuel during the day and not store them as fat. Letís face it, most people are not able to eliminate carbs completely from their diet anyways because of all the desirable foods containing carbohydrates so this is the plan that will work best for most people. Even if you are able to completely eliminate carbs from your diet you would counteract much of benefits from ingesting fewer carbs because you would have very low energy for exercise and derive little benefit from your exercise for weight loss. The best plan is to go ahead and eat carbohydrates (of course try to limit the sugar) but eat them early and make sure that you are active enough during the day to burn what you eat and the best way to ensure this is to perform some intense exercise making use of the carbs you eat to fuel better workouts which ultimately leads to greater weight loss.

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