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Weight Loss Tip -
Drink More Water Every Day

There are many nutritional supplements that you can use to help you lose weight but most people are not aware that the plain old water that you drink can also help you with weight loss. Water is the most important nutrient that your body needs each day yet it is usually not considered that important in terms of weight loss but recent research has shown that drinking more water at the right time can help you to lose more weight. In a study that was performed in 2010 individuals that drank a glass of water before each meal lost 44% more weight over twelve weeks than a group of people who did not drink water before each meal while eating the same diet.1 Drinking water just prior to a meal is thought to decrease appetite by filling you up causing you to eat less food during your meal. Drinking more water is also thought to help decrease total caloric intake by replacing higher calorie sugary beverages that can impede weight loss. Since it is also extremely important to exercise intensity to be properly hydrated it also makes sense to drink more water every day to better fuel your exercise performance for weight loss. Start drinking more water each day especially just before your meals and take advantage of the least expensive supplement you can ever use to help with your weight loss.

1Dennis EA, et al. "Water consumption increases weight loss during a hypocaloric diet intervention in middle-aged and older adults." Obesity (Silver Spring). 2010 Feb;18(2):300-7. Epub 2009 Aug 6.

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