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If You Listen to Your Doctor and Eliminate Salt from Your Diet You Will Never Lose Weight

One of the most common recommendations given out to the average person by doctors is to drastically reduce or eliminate salt from your diet because salt is supposed to cause high blood pressure. Unfortunately iodized salt is the primary source of iodine in most peopleís diets which is absolutely essential for proper thyroid function which greatly affects the amount of fat on your body. People who eat a normal diet rarely have a problem with their thyroid because iodized salt provides enough iodine to ensure proper thyroid function. One the other hand people who listen to their doctor and eliminate salt from their diet usually end up going back to their doctor complaining about gaining weight. The doctor then runs the standard tests and determines that they have a low thyroid output so they are then only too happy to prescribe a thyroid medication to alleviate the problem. While the drug may return the personís thyroid levels to normal it has an unfortunate side effect of causing weight gain so they never lose any of the weight that they gained which was why they were supposedly taking the medication in the first place. It is a sad scenario and one that many people reading this are probably very familiar with because of having gone through it themselves. Of course you have to listen to the doctor and eliminate that evil salt from your diet because it causes high blood pressure. Right? Wrong! Research has shown that salt does not cause high blood pressure so forget all the garbage you have been told about salt and your food will not only taste better but will also provide you with the iodine necessary to ensure proper thyroid function which is critical for weight loss success.1

1Stolarz-Skrzypek K. et al. "Fatal and nonfatal outcomes, incidence of hypertension, and blood pressure changes in relation to urinary sodium excretion." JAMA. 2011 May 4;305(17):1777-85.

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